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Product description:

BalanceWear® is available in 2 models – BW300 without a lumbar belt and OW200 with a lumbar belt.

All BalanceWear® products are individually manufactured based on the individual’s measurements and needs. BalanceWear® consists of 2 parts: a front part and a back part. By using Velcro fasteners at the shoulder and waist, it is possible to adjust these parts relative to each other, so that BalanceWear® can be adapted to any bodily changes that may occur over time.

BalanceWear® is produced with a zipper in the front part. The length of zipper can be varied as necessary. It is also possible to get a zipper with a magnetic closure mechanism, which makes it easier to close.

The vest’s exterior is made of black, water-resistant synthetic fabric, which makes the vest easy to keep clean. The inside of the vest is lined with Velcro, to which the necessary weights can be attached.

The weights are available in 3 different sizes of:

  • 227 g
  • 113 g
  • 57 g

Each individual weight is square in shape and covered with black fabric. They are flexible, so they follow the body’s motion.

OW200 (with lumbar belt) consists of 3 further parts:

  • Back orthosis
  • Lumbar belt
  • Front stabilization part.

In addition, the OW200 consists of a lumbar belt which uses Velcro to close at the front on a smaller front stabilization part. All parts of the lumbar orthosis can be produced according to individual needs. The parts can be individually removed from BalanceWear®.

All the individual components of OW200 are integral parts of the BalanceWear® vest, making it easy for individuals to use BalanceWear® with back orthosis in daily life.

For further information, contact: info@sfmedical.dk


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